Spielräume erweitern

Expand fields of action

Expand thought patterns

Create space for creativity

Multiply design possibilities

Increase the range of options

Increase diversity of perspectives

Enlarge radius of action

Open up spaces for innovation

Expand options

Expand areas of expertise

Increase flexibility

Enrich fields of opportunity

Increase freedom of choice

Expand room for manoeuvre

Deepen scope for vision

Multiply opportunities for development

Expand spheres of influence

Enlarge spheres of influence

Diversify the spectrum of action

Expand creative space

Unfold potential spaces

Increase chances of realisation

Redefining boundaries

Maximise degrees of freedom

Widen the scope for planning

Strengthen development opportunities

Open up space for new ideas

Expand fields of ideas

Multiply alternative courses of action

Expand freedom of movement

Expand living space

Expand the range of options

Enlarge creative spaces

Expand freedom of thought

Enrich scope for creativity

Expand paths of action

Expand spheres of action

Enlarge scope for decision-making

Expanding spheres of power

Explode capacity limits

Expand space for innovation

Create strategic freedom

Diversify fields of activity

Increase diversity of action

Expand access options

Offer room for development

Expand boundaries

Enlarge scope of possibilities

Increase creative freedom

Extend areas of responsibility

Deepen depth of action